Now who are this crowd? Meet Brenda and Her Buddies! There’s Spencer, the spider, who’s got a confidence problem; and Cecilia, the centipede, who has an impossible dream; then there’s Arnie, the ant, who’s got an independent streak; followed by Monty, the moth, who embarks on a risky trip and Lucinda, the ladybird, who’s determined she’s going to be different and of course there’s Brenda, the bumblebee, who’s lost something very precious – but who can help her find it again? Read more about our new mini mates in BRENDA ‘N’ BUDDIES!

Sid loves to give folks the odd scare or two, but his pal, Spencer is too afraid to be scary! Can Spencer convince Sid there is another way…?

Lucinda’s determined to do things her way – even if it means a search for something more to her taste – read her story – Lucinda’s Lunch – in Brenda n Buddies

Arnie definitely got more than he bargained for when he decided to strike it out on his own – read his story – Arnie’s Alone – in Brenda ‘n’ Buddies

Here’s a flavour of some of Chumleigh’s Tales

Cotton, the little goat, joins Cobber, the Wallaby and his farmyard choir in a song or two! Find out how she learnt to sing in Hit the Right Note – in Chuckle With Chumleigh Once More.

Just what are Chumleigh, Cleo and Cookie doing on a raft in the middle of a river in France?! and who are they with? Find out – only in Chuckle with Chumleigh Once More – available now on Amazon!

Close Encounters of the Not So Friendly Kind…

Celi told Chumleigh that it’d been in hot pursuit of some aliens and had been most surprised to find them in Chumleigh’s garden!  Chumleigh asked it, what it’d been doing chasing them.  It told him the aliens had been following it around space for days now and had been deliberately tracking its capsule.

Eventually, Celi had stopped the capsule and sent a telepathic communication beam message to the other ship.  It discovered that the ship was being piloted by a group of aliens called, Cyneri. This worried it, because the Cyneri were well known as a tricky bunch of rascals, who spent their time wheeling and dodgy dealing from one solar system to the next and concentrated their energies on getting rich quick and staying that way……


Celi slowed down the capsule and told Chumleigh that they were getting quite close now.  Emerging from the other side of the cloudy layer, they spotted a small, yellow coloured planet.  It had a series of little red moons that were dotted in a ring around it.  As they drew nearer, they could see deep orange clouds floating over its surface. Slowly they descended down through the orangey vapour until the tips of some shinning yellow mountain tops appeared.  Celi skilfully flew around the gleaming peaks, following the signal, until a large valley appeared and in the middle of it was the Cyneri spaceship!

The spaceship was made of a silvery metal and was a flat triangular shape, with a point at one end and two wings fanning out towards the other. 

Almost immediately, a blue wavy beam appeared in their capsule and they found themselves being transported out and onto the Cyneri ship!


Chumleigh has an undersea adventure with Crusty, the friendly hermit crab as his guide.

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