Meet the Gang – Chuckle With Chumleigh


Hi there, I’m Chumleigh and I’m a gerbil. I live with my fellow pets, Cookie, who’s very friendly (if a little mad) and Cleo, who’s, well, she’s just Cleo. My human is Chloe – she’s lovely. I have lots of animal pals – and I’m also acquainted with an alien (oh yes I am!) My favourite food is Amazin’ Raisins (although I shouldn’t have too many at once).


Hello, I’m Cookie and I’m a miniature wire haired dachshund dog. Chloe is my mistress and I love her very much. I also love Chumleigh and Cleo (but don’t tell them that!) Please don’t mention my winter coat!! My favourite food is large bones – the bigger the better – I can always bury some for later!


Pleased to meet you, I’m Cleo and I am a Chartreuse cat – they’re very rare you know. Catherine (Chloe’s gran) is my human, although I spend most of my time with those two – Cookie and Chumleigh – after all, someone has to keep them in line! My favourite food is cat biscuits – please don’t feed them all to Columbine!


Hello there, I be Columbine and I be a hedgehog. I be a good old country girl at heart you know! I met young Chumleigh one summer evening in the garden and we be good friends now. My favourite food is slugs (it’s actually really cat biscuits, but don’t let Cleo know!).


Alright there lah? Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double! I’m Chuck and I’m Columbine’s pal. I’m a proud scouser hedgie. I like to take care of Columbine and make sure she’s OK (ah!) I’m actually quite partial to worms (but Columbine isn’t keen on me eating them, as they remind her of snakes!)


Hey there, I’m Crocus and I’m a little deer. I live with my herd in the woods near Chumleigh’s garden. We helped the snow geese, but I’m not supposed to tell you about that… My dad is the boss and looks after us all. My favourite food is acorns.


This is Celi and it’s a friendly alien called a Celestrian. It met Chumleigh by accident whilst on an alien quest. It can’t say anything that humans can understand so we’re translating for it. It says it’s favourite food is Ectoflowers (whatever they might be!)

Christien and Clarabelle

Hej, we are Christien and Clarabelle, we are Snow Geese and we are coming from the Artic. We know a secret about Christmas. You look like you can keep a secret, so we will be share it with you, but sssh! don’t tell everyone!

Carys and Cedwyn

Helo yno! We’re Carys and Cedwyn the donkeys from the pretty Welsh seaside. It’s lovely to make your acquaintance. We love giving donkey rides to children and are especially pleased if anyone brings us a carrot or two!


Hola amigos! I am Chica and I am a very cheeky little Chinchilla. I like to giggle and wiggle my whiskers a lot! My favourite food is dried papaya although I’ve always got my eye on Chumleigh’s Amazin’ Raisins! He he!

The Chickens

Howdy there! We’re mighty glad to meet y’all! We’re the hens rescued from the Clipton Chicken Rehoming Charity – Cobb, Corn, Chard, Cashew and our new arrival chick. We like a good peck around the coop and we enjoy all our veggies and the odd worm that might wiggle our way (if that Chuck doesn’t get ’em all first!)


Hey dudes! I’m Cordia and I dig drumming man. I spend my time jamming with my woodpecker bros in our band – we’re real cool! If you need a bit of carpentry done, then I’m your bird! I kinda like peanuts, you know what I mean man?


Well Heello there and how you doing? I’m Cameron and I hail from north of the border. I’ve an artist pal – but I can’t be tellin’ ya who it is, because it’s all very hush hush. Shall I give ya a clue? Well let’s just say, they carry their brush around with them!” (bet that’s got ya thinking!) My favourite is acrons – I’ve a stash somewhere… if only I could remember where…


G’day there possums! I’m Cobber and I’m from down under. No, I’m not a ‘roo mate – I’m a wallaby and quite a musical one at that – I conduct the choir mate – yeah really! I also like a good bounce about – but I wouldn’t watch too closely if I were you, ’cause it tends to make people dizzy! My favourite tucker is bamboo shoots mate.


Hello, I’m Cotton and I’m a little kid. Some might say I’m a bit cheeky (especially that Cobber!) but I’d say it’s only youthful energy – I love leaping about (especially on other animals backs!) but I think I get away with it, ’cause I’m so cute! I like to eat celery – love a good munch!


Hola! I am pleased to meet you. My name is Crystal and I am a little Capybara; I am living with my family, deep in the heart of the South American rain forest. My mama has told me a story all about a legendary bird who lives in the forest – some say it is only make-believe, but my friends and I know different…..I am enjoying chewing tree bark – tasty!

Cantamas Bird

Sssh, be very still and quiet, because the Cantamas bird is very shy. We are extremely lucky to get a glimpse of it today, as it normally hides away, deep in the rain forest where Crystal lives. If you listen very carefully, you might just be able to hear it singing….We’re not sure what it likes to eat… if indeed it eats at all….

Chanceux, Cabot and Claudette

Bonjour! we are Chanceux, Cabot and Claudette and we live in a pretty village in the north of France, where we like to enjoy the finer things in life – well they don’t call it “La Vie Belle” for nothing! We are savouring la Cuisine Française after all, it is the best in the world… according to us!

Honey Vole

Well what have we here…? It looks very much like a Honey Vole – what’s one of those you might ask? If you want to find out more, you’ll just have to ask the hedgehogs if they will tell you (they probably would if you offered them one of Cleo’s cat biscuits!)

Coupé and Cisseau

Ca va? My name is Coupé and I am a beaver. I live with my lodge-mate, Cisseau, the muskrat, on a pretty, little river in France. Cisseau helps me run our little wood business (when she isn’t munching all my water grass that is!!)

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