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Hi there, thanks for taking a few minutes to read my page. I hope you will find some fun in my little books.

There’s a series of 4 books about a gerbil called Chumleigh. The first book is called Chuckle with Chumleigh, where we are introduced to our gerbil and his pals.  This is followed by a little yuletide story called, Chumleigh and the Festive Secret, where we discover a secret about Christmas never told before!  Then we have Chuckle with Chumleigh Again, where we’re reunited with our familiar friends, along with meeting lots of new ones too! Finally, there’s Chuckle With Chumleigh Once More – the last book (and my particular favourite, if I’m allowed to say that!) – where we encounter even more new characters, as well as meeting up again with all our old favourites.

Hot off the press, is a new book – Brenda ‘n’ Buddies – where we meet some little critters with attitude! There’s Arnie, the ant, who’s decision to go it alone gets him into lots of bother; then there’s Spencer, the spider, who can’t seem to bring himself to be – well – scary! We also meet Lucinda, the ladybird, who’s determined to do things differently. Plus, there’s Monty, the little moth, who will try anything to impress a beautiful butterfly; not forgetting, Cecilia, the centipede who has a seemingly impossible dream and finally, Brenda, a bumble bee who’s lost her buzz and is desperately looking everywhere to find it again!

The books are light hearted and good humoured. They’re for anyone from about 7 (although they have been enjoyed by younger ones) up to 100 – you’re never too old to embrace your inner child! Please enjoy them together, as they’re intended to be a good family read.

Do you have a question for Chumleigh, Brenda or any of the characters in our books? Then just pop a question on our Contact Page and they’ll be very pleased to answer you.

A bit more about me……..
The events of the last year have forced me to rethink how I want to work, resulting in a voyage of discovery into website creation, social media promoting and blogs. It was one of these blogs that led me to Chumleigh & Co. As I was writing it, I soon realised that he needed a story of his own and hence Chumleigh (and his fellow pets) were born. It came as somewhat of a surprise to me – I hadn’t set out to write a children’s book at all – just a blog with a difference. As soon as one story was told, another one popped up and another and another….

I live with my darling husband, Simon (aka total support, editor, friend, ardent Chumleigh fan) in a quiet rural town in deepest East Anglia, UK.

I’ve worked in an office for my entire career (blah blah years!) Administration has been the main aim of the game, with a diversion into customer service and problem management (what’s that? I would tell you, but you’d be bored – I always see people’s eyes start to glaze over pretty rapidly!) It’s not always been very exciting, but has been varied and at times interesting (think office politics).

If I have any spare time, I like to listen to music (mainly pop I’m afraid – Candy by name, candy by taste), read (my husband has finally weaned me off chick lit rom com and I’m plodding my way through a historical family saga at the moment). I also enjoy walking (every day – not that far, but still every day), dancing (just for fun, I’m not one of those to take it seriously, sorry if my head position isn’t quite right, my apologies, but I’m more worried about what my feet are doing!) and a dash of cycling. On my bucket list (a cliché I’m sure) is to do some travelling – I’d like to take in some more of the world – maybe I’ll see Chumleigh there too!

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