Meet the Gang – Brenda ‘n’ Buddies


Meet Brenda, the Bumble Bee. Seems like she’s looking for something…. could it be her buzz? Whoever heard of a Bumble Bee that doesn’t buzz? Brenda’s in a panic! Can Daisy and the other flowers help her?


Yipes! Well the sight of these two might make you jump! Unfortunately, Spencer, the spider, is also a touch on the nervous side; but Syd, his mischievous sidekick, isn’t going to let that stop him!


Now everyone knows that centipedes have far too many legs to do any nifty footwork – but try telling Cecilia that! Can Steadman, her bright, blue, buddy finally help her achieve her impossible dream?


So what do ladybirds have for their lunch? Lucinda certainly doesn’t want any of that! She’s determined to do things her way – but can she finally find herself something tasty enough to eat?


Monty, the moth, is looking for a way to make an impression – on one beautiful butterfly in particular. Just what will he do to get her attention and will it go as he hopes?


Arnie, the ant, has made up his mind to go it alone, come what may! But he hadn’t bargained for his independent attitude getting him into some serious bother! Can Billy, his bug buddy, help him see sense?

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