The Dazzling Blogger Award

The Dazzling Blogger Award, designed by Helen at Crispy Confessions  recognizes bloggers who excel in at least one major area of blogging: writing skills, engagement, social media marketing, or content.    

I was kindly nominated for the Dazzling Blogger Award by Angela from SUITCASE Travel Blog Thank you very much Angela for the nomination. I really appreciate you considering me.

Angela writes a really interesting and informative travel blog, which embraces the world of travel to encourage us to embark on new adventures and to explore and learn more about our beautiful world. With intriguing articles and top tips, Angela’s website and travel blog are highly recommended – please visit her: SUITCASE Travel Blog.

The Official Rules of The Dazzling Blogger Award
  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award & link back to their site.
  2. Provide a link back to Helen, the award’s designer.
  3. Answer the seven questions asked.
  4. Compose seven questions of your own.
  5. Nominate & notify seven more people.

Angela’s questions:  

1. If you could bring back 3 objects from your childhood, what would it  be? 

The first one that springs to mind is my beloved teddy bear – it was called Honey and I loved it so much I took it everywhere with me – I still love teddy bears and have a growing collection even today!

The second one would be my Enid Blyton book – I consumed all of Enid’s tales with glee and I’m sure they helped get me started on my lifetime love affair with reading.

The final one would be my long floaty skirt – my school friends and I all cherished our long, floaty party dresses that were all the rage in those days – we used to get so excited at the prospect of donning these for a birthday party!

2. If you could only 3 bring things to deserted Island what would it be? 

My music app and speaker – I couldn’t exist on a dessert island without music – most definitely not!

My e-reader – much like music, I wouldn’t want to spend much time away from my books and reading either.

Lastly, something that I could write on – maybe a tablet (but I guess the battery would run out eventually) so perhaps I would have to use an old fashioned pen and pencil – but definitely something to write with.

3. If you could go back in time and witness any historical event, which would it be? 

I’ve always wanted to experience life in the Roaring 20s and would love to go to a party as a 1920s Flapper girl , complete with dropped waist dress, headband and long swinging beads – such fun darlings!

4. If money weren’t an object what would you do for a living? 

I would love to be an author – to be able to write well enough to earn a living would be awesome; although you’d have to take into account that some pressure does come with that, in terms of being able to keep up a consistent standard, produce great book after great book and be diligent enough to do all the read throughs, editing and marketing (not a writer’s favourite bits!)

5. Sweet or salty snacks? Coffee or tea? 

Sweet toothed (I guess like my name!!) Although nothing sickly sweet. I prefer dark chocolate – that’s my favourite – I love the intense, bitter-sweetness and richness of flavour.

6. What quality do you look most in your friends? 

Dependability for me. I find it really stressful if friends let you down or don’t turn up when they’re supposed to – I need to know I can depend on my friends, just as I hope they know that they can absolutely depend on me.

7. What is your motto? 

Don’t Give Up! – It’s easy to say and can be really hard to do – but a bit like Robert the Bruce watching that spider – I think it’s a good quality to be able to be determined to keep going, even against the odds.

My Questions:

  1. What is the most important thing that you’ve learned over the last year?
  2. Tea or coffee? (or maybe something stronger!?)
  3. If you could only eat one thing, what would it be? (you don’t have to be healthy!)
  4. What is your dream for your life?
  5. Who inspires you and why?
  6. What do you value most?
  7. What is your very favourite thing to do?

My nominees: 

Here are my nominees – check out their great sites!

  1. Chateau Cherie
  2. Science Studio
  3. RusticPix
  4. Izziesmoments
  5. Steve Whight
  6. readingtonic
  7. From Mage Mind

Published by candy hunter writer

Self publishing author - Childrens books. First book - Chuckle with Chumleigh; recently launched - Chumleigh and the Festive Secret and Chuckle with Chumleigh Again - available on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “The Dazzling Blogger Award

  1. I’m sorry! I missed your post.
    Congratulations on the award !
    I love your answers! I would be a flapper girl as well 😀 20th looks so delightful.
    I also feel like I need 28 hours per day….. I would extend my day a little 😀 Good luck with your book, hopefully you will find more time for it, because you are amazing, have good imagination and sense of humor.
    My answers would be to your questions 😀😀
    1 let things go
    2 coffee
    3 Chocolate, but milk. I have an addiction 😀
    4 be healthy and travel as much as possible
    5 anyone who is positive and passionate
    6 freedom
    7 travel, music, books
    😀😀😀 Fun.
    I will visit other bloggers from your nomination.
    Thanks for participating.
    And congratulations again! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your answers – great to hear I’m not the only chocolate lover out there haha! 😉 Thanks for posting and for your great blogs – they’re so colourful and informative – sure you will go from strength to strength :-> x

      Liked by 1 person

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