Queen For a Day?

This week celebrates the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II – that’s an incredible 70 years of reign, which will be celebrated up and down the lands of the UK and Commonwealth. 

I wonder what it’d be like to be a queen?  Whilst there’s no chance of me finding out as a human, maybe if I sprinkle around a little platinum jubilee magic dust, I could become a queen in another way ….

I could rule the hive if I were a queen bee – or perhaps a wasp, hornet, ant or termite monarch?  I would be lovingly provided for by my hard-working daughters, who would nourish and protect me – but I would have to lay eggs all day long – day in, day out …

Diving into the beautiful blue ocean, I could become a clown fish queen.  I’d get to be fussed and pampered by my adoring male subjects, who would provide for my every whim just to be close to me…yes I’m liking the sound of that!  Although I’ll have to keep quite busy making sure they all keep in line…

Maybe I could turn my tail to becoming another oceanic sovereign – an orca queen.  I’d get to rule the pod with a firm fin – yes, I’d have to be quite the disciplinarian; still my sons would adore me – so much so, that they’d want to stay with their mum for many years…

Perhaps I’ll turn to dry land and give it a go as a naked mole rat queen.  I’d rule over a colony who would do all my housework, bring me food and care for my young.. now that’s sounding good – the only downside is that I’d have to avoid mirrors because naked mole rats just ain’t what you’d call pretty…

If I felt like reigning more as a king, I could try my luck at being a hyena queen.  I’d have high levels of testosterone, which would give me the upper paw over all the boys, enabling me to show them who’s boss!  No room for femininity here….

Alternatively, I might see my regal role as being the height of diplomacy – this would make me a bonobo.  I’d help to calm things down when there were heated disputes in my troop, by giving it some full-on flirtation to distract the warring parties – whether they’re females or males – I don’t care!  My philosophy would be make love not war!  Hippy chick…

Forget about the King of the Jungle – I could become one of the Queens of the Jungle if I were a lioness.  I‘d get to decide who’s in my pride, taking my pick of the coolest cats around.  Although I would have to work very hard alongside my fellow queens, doing all the hunting and food distribution.  I’d also have to power share my sovereignty with them…

I could go large and become an elephant queen, bravely leading my herd of sisters and youngsters.  It would be me alone that decided where we’ll go to eat and drink and how we’ll best take care of the new-borns.  Yes it would be a lot of responsibility on my broad shoulders, because that herd would be depending on me for their very survival….

Downsizing to become a lemur queen sounds promising – I’d enjoy a girl powered society because all my daughters would be superior to their male counterparts – in fact, even my youngest girl would be able to pull rank on her dad – a bit harsh on the boys?…

It seems that there are pluses and minuses to being a queen – with rank comes privileges but also responsibilities – I guess it’s the same for any queen, no matter what species you are.

But clearly girls can make a right royal job at reigning supreme – just look at our own Queen.

Happy Jubilee!

Published by candy hunter writer

Self publishing author - Childrens books. First book - Chuckle with Chumleigh; recently launched - Chumleigh and the Festive Secret and Chuckle with Chumleigh Again - available on Amazon.

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