What Day Is It?

Monday – oh dear, what a much-maligned day of the week this is.  For many it’s the start of the working week and time to get right back on that old treadmill!  Monday gets its name from ‘Moon Day’ – but perhaps it might be better described as ‘moan’ day as it’s been shown to be the most depressing day of the week – to cheer yourself up, you could do some online shopping, or even plan a holiday (popular antidotes to the Monday blues) and if all that fails to bring a smile to your face, well then there’s always chocolate to give you a little lift – another favourite Monday treat.

Tuesday – I reckon this is a bit of a non-descript day –if it had a school report I think it might have such a comment as “could do better” – but then again, I’d be wrong, because it’s been shown to be the most productive day of the week!  It’s named after Tiw, the Norse god for combat and glory and whilst that sounds inspiring, many cultures consider Tuesday to be an unlucky day; although that can’t be said if you’re a pancake lover, because Shrove Tuesday is the traditional day to make and consume these delicious delights.

Wednesday – amusingly referred to as ‘hump’ day (with many a comic camel joke thrown in) this is where we hit the middle of the week – once you’re over this hump, it’s downhill to the weekend. Wednesday gets its name from the god Woden (aka Oden) although many a language sensibly calls it mid-week.  If you’re after a pay rise, then this is apparently the best day to tap up the boss for some extra readies.

Thursday – nearly as good as a Friday, Thursdays are called after Thor, the god of Thunder (is that a forecast?)  Hopefully not, as this is a very popular day for a BBQ. It has political leanings too, as it’s election day in the UK and also the day of the week when the US declared independence.

Friday – TGIF!  It’s one of the most longed for days of the week – dress down and ease your way to the weekend. It gets its name from Frigg, the goddess of love, which is apt as it’s held in high affection, apart from if it happens to be a 13th that is, when it’s a whole different ball game.  Black Friday is seen by many as a day to bag a bargain and of course Good Friday begins the Easter holidays.

Saturday – for many the very best day of the week, Saturday is named after Saturn, the god of liberation and wealth and rightly so, as Saturdays are made for partying and many an exuberant night out takes place on this day.  If you’re planning on staying out late into the night, you’ll be glad to know that this is the day that vampires are locked away!  It’s a time to let your hair down and have a bit of fun!

Sunday – the day of the Sun. Traditionally a time to rest, this day can divide opinion: some love Sundays – chilled out, laid back, lazy day, where you can simply do very little and not feel guilty about it.  Others, who like to be on the go, can find this day rather a bore. Of course, it’s when Sunday night syndrome takes place – the looming spectre of the forthcoming week comes into view, as you contemplate Monday – here we go again

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