A Sneak Peek From Bon Voyage!

(From Chuckle With Chumleigh Once More) Our pet chums (Chumleigh, the gerbil; Cleo, the cat and Cookie the Dachshund) have embarked on a pets exchange visit to France, where they meet up with their French counterparts and discover a little more than they’d bargained for…. The Cats The café was called “Les Chat Merveilleux”.  IntriguedContinue reading “A Sneak Peek From Bon Voyage!”

Sneak Peaks From Chumleigh’s New Book

For those who haven’t yet met our intrepid trio, they are: Chumleigh, the gerbil, who lives with Cookie the wire haired miniature dachshund and Cleo, the Chartreuse cat.…. “Psst Cookie; Cookie!” Chumleigh climbed out of his gerbilarium and scurried over to Cookie, who was snoring loudly in her basket.  “Cooee! Cookie wake up!” Chumleigh triedContinue reading “Sneak Peaks From Chumleigh’s New Book”