Chumleigh and the Festive Secret

Christmas is in the Air!

“Please hold still, Cleo, you’re wriggling so much that I can’t manage to tie this around you..” pleaded Chloe, trying to secure a bow under a disgusted Cleo’s chin.  Eventually, Cleo realised her only option was to surrender gracefully to Chloe’s gentle, but determined, persistence and she finally sat still, whilst Chloe secured the outfit.

Loud giggles could be heard coming from the dog basket, as Cleo looked down to see Cookie literally shaking with laughter, her head buried between her paws in an effort to contain her mirth, without much success.

Eventually, she managed to pull herself together enough to address Cleo.  “Well, I never thought I’d see you looking quite so lovely Cleo!” she managed, before bursting into more fits of laughter.  “Sorry, sorry, it’s just that your outfit makes me so happy!  It’s so very festive!” she spluttered.

“I’d keep quiet if I were you, hound, because it’s your turn next and if what I can see is coming your way, you’ll have nothing to laugh about!” snapped a disgruntled Cleo, grateful for once that there was no mirror nearby so she didn’t have to see how obviously ridiculous she looked.

Sure enough, Chloe returned with a little costume for Cookie.  “Oh no, surely that’s not for me..” sighed Cookie, with resignation, eyeing the little doggie Santa suit, complete with a jolly Santa hat.  She stood patiently, whilst Chloe fastened it around her and arranged the hat at a jaunty angle.  “There now, don’t you look dapper!” she smiled at Cookie, who was sure that dapper wasn’t quite the word she’d have used.

Now it was Cleo’s turn to tease Cookie.  “Yeah, great look you got going on there hound – that’s so very ‘in’ at the moment!” she sniggered.

“So, what?  You look equally ludicrous feline!” replied Cookie.  “Honestly, what is it with Christmas?  Every year we have to endure this palaver!”  she hmphed.

Chumleigh was enjoying the sight of his two friends, dressed up in their Christmas finery.  He was chortling to himself, thanking his lucky stars he was neither a dog or a cat, who had to endure being dressed up like that – so it was a shock to see Chloe advancing in his direction, with a gerbil sized Christmas hat in her hand.

“Come on Chum, there now, we don’t want to leave you out, do we boy?” she cooed as she gently positioned the hat onto an incredulous Chumleigh’s head.

“Ha ha, sorry gerbil, thought you’d got away with it didn’t you?  Now you can join the ‘I look totally hideous’ clan!” laughed Cookie, wagging her tail.

Chumleigh sighed, “well at least we all look equally silly I suppose,” he admitted.

“Oh, I don’t know, I think possibly Cleo wins the prize for that this year!” quipped Cookie, eyeing the garish, bright green little cloak, adorned with multi coloured pom poms that Cleo was sporting.

“At least I don’t look like Father Christmas dressed as a sausage!” snapped Cleo.



Nothing seemed to be happening at first, then gradually they could feel a strange tingling sensation in their paws, it felt ticklish and prickly at the same time – very odd.  All of a sudden, they felt their paws feel very light and cool and when Cleo tried to walk, she discovered that she couldn’t feel any ground underneath her, only air! 

Chumleigh was trying out little movements with his paws, enjoying the sensation of the air moving all around them, whilst he appeared to be suspended from the ground. 

Cookie was lying on her back, legs akimbo and moving her head back and forth, taking in the floating feeling.  It was unlike anything imaginable and the three looked at each other, each watching the others floating in the air!   

Chumleigh could hardly squeak, such was his amazement at the experience.  Cookie proclaimed that it had certainly been “out of this world” and Cleo agreed that it had truly been memorable, although she was glad to have her paws on something solid again.


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