Now we all know there’s no such thing as ghosts…don’t we? Maybe we should find out for sure?  Come with me for a little ghost hunting… if you dare ….

What’s that strange creature swooping across the night sky?  Ghost faced bats have a reputation for being on the darker side of life – maybe being pals with vampires doesn’t do much for their image; added to that the ghost faced bat does have a rather unnerving appearance!  Its face might put you in a flap – with odd ear folds around its eyes, it definitely has that ethereal look.  Whilst it might be chummy with Dracula, it would consider Transylvania too cold for its liking and prefers to haunt warmer climes.

If you dare to go down to the jungle today … you might be startled by the sight of a pale spectral ghost lizard.  This reptilian apparition is dressed all in white and seems to have magical abilities – it can make a balloon appear from under its throat and can walk upside down without falling!  Whilst it might give you a bit of a turn, it’s more frightening to insect pests, which it gobbles up for supper.

What’s that rustling coming from the nocturnal shadows?!  You get the feeling you’re being watched… eight pairs of eyes are firmly fixed on you, following your every move!  What kind of ghoulish creature is this?  Could it be a ghost spider out there?  These sallow coloured arachnids go wandering around after dark, hunting down their prey!  Fortunately, that’s not you or me, but aphids who are likely to meet a grisly end.

Looking out into the night, a sudden swathe of small, shiny white dots appear to be floating just above the ground. They dance hypnotically up and down, silvery orbs glowing in the darkness!  What can this ethereal vision be?  It’s an eerie eclipse of male ghost moths wickedly performing their seductive dance to lure an unsuspecting female and spirit her away!

Surely a sunset stroll along the shoreline isn’t in the least bit frightening – but wait!  What’s that weird thumping noise?  There is goes again!  Suddenly, something white appears out of the ground and is scuttling across the sand towards you!!  It’s a ghost crab.  These creepy crabs only come out at night to roam around for whatever they might find on the beach – with swivelling horn shaped eye stalks and sharp claws, it’s best to keep your distance – if you’ve lost your nerve and are thinking of making a run for it, you’d better be quick, because ghost crabs cover the sand at an alarming pace…they’re coming to get you!

What sinister spectre lurks in the mysterious dark depths of the ocean?  Is it a fish? No! Is it a whale? No! It’s a ghost shark!  But it’s just an apparition, because it’s not really a shark at all! These spooky swimmers have large, dark, staring eyes in their huge heads and vampire like teeth that peep out of their menacing mouths!  They hunt alone, carrying a poisonous spear on their backs to keep all away!  They hide down in the murky darkness close to the ocean floor – take care!  You never know what might be lurking beneath…

So, beware unwary ones, there might just be one or two ghosts, lurking in the shadows out there…


Published by candy hunter writer

Self publishing author - Childrens books. First book - Chuckle with Chumleigh; recently launched - Chumleigh and the Festive Secret and Chuckle with Chumleigh Again - available on Amazon.

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