Wannabee Wallabies

Together with their larger cousin, the kangaroo, wallabies belong to the genus Macropods (which means big feet – makros being Greek for large and pod meaning foot – hopefully they don’t mind having it pointed out!).  The macropod family include kangaroos, tree-kangaroos, wallaroos, pademelons, quokkas and wallabies. The name wallaby comes from the Eora AboriginalContinue reading “Wannabee Wallabies”

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind…

When a mysterious bird asks Chumleigh’s alien friend, Celi, for help, it isn’t long before Chumleigh, and his two Chinchilla pals – Cami and Chica – set off on an adventure deep in the heart of the South American rain forest … “Once upon a time, as all good stories begin…” “Awww, mama, that’s soContinue reading “Close Encounters of the Bird Kind…”

Eager Beavers!

Beavers are large, semi aquatic rodents that live in the temperate climates of the world’s northern hemisphere (typically Canada, North America and Europe).  Their official genus name is Castor and there are two species – the North American and the Eurasian (European).  Both species are similar, although the Eurasian has a narrower tail and moreContinue reading “Eager Beavers!”