Sprung Out

Think Spring is the best thing?..  

At last! Some sunshine appears and you eagerly dash outside, intent on soaking up every last drop; then suddenly, without warning, the heavens open and heavy rain appears out of a seemingly blue sky – just where is it coming from? you wonder, as you scan the horizon for rain clouds, whilst getting a thorough drenching – yes welcome to spring weather – one minute it’s sunny, then it’s raining, then it’s windy, then it’s snowing!  What do you wear? Put on a jumper and sweat; put on a t-shirt and freeze….

OK, so the weather can be a little temperamental, but never mind, because the days are getting longer – you smile to yourself as you advance your alarm clock on one hour.  The following morning you’re surprised to realise it’s dark again at your getting-up time – well that hour has to come from somewhere, you think blearily, as you lever yourself out of bed … better wake up because there’s that spring cleaning waiting for you….

Yes, spring is the time for a spruce up – as if by magic, little bits of dust and debris appear out of nowhere – all that extra daylight is highlighting your grubby abode – so you dash around energetically in a vernal whirlwind to get things looking spic n span again.  Satisfied with your efforts, you put your feet up with a comforting cuppa, and as you gaze out of the window, you see a myriad of weeds that have sprung up overnight – time for a spot of gardening then….

Whilst you’re attacking the weeds, you see that it’s not just you and the bees that are busy – many creatures are stirring from their winter snooze and out looking for sustenance; whilst others are seeking out that special someone to set up home with and raise a family… spring is no time for snoozing!

You take a breath of that fresh spring air.. and feel your nose tickling … yep sneezing season starts today – trees burst into life, grass gets growing and the weeds weave their way through the soil, as the pollen pulsates into the air in the direction of your nose… atishoo!

If all that pollen doesn’t give you a tickle, there might be something else to get you itchy – munching mozzies, gnawing gnats and biting bugs – creatures in search of blood are emerging to haunt your neighbourhood!  Reach for that repellent!

Less pollen and insects by the sea, you think, so you set off enthusiastically, ready for a bracing walk by the shore; but spring has brought out the masses to keep you company – the previously deserted beach that you had all to yourself in winter time (when only the hardest souls braved it) is suddenly filled with that madding crowd once more.

As the weather gets warmer, you’re encouraged to peel back those layers of all-forgiving woolly jumpers – surprise!  Lots of little love handles around your middle seem to have formed overwinter.  Best begin a fitness regime.. so why did someone think that having delicious, chocolate eggs at Easter was a good idea….?

As you’re diligently counting the calories, it’s time to count your pennies too, as you wade your way through that tax return – a spring treat!  A new financial year begins now – time to cross fingers and toes that you got your sums right.

Yes spring sure is a strange (and beautiful) thing…

Published by candy hunter writer

Self publishing author - Childrens books. First book - Chuckle with Chumleigh; recently launched - Chumleigh and the Festive Secret and Chuckle with Chumleigh Again - available on Amazon.

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