Clean Spring

With spring around the corner, time to give the old homestead a spruce up … think I need a little inspiration..…

Let’s begin with a good decluttering – the male garibaldi damselfish knows a thing or two about how to keep things tidy – he swiftly deals with those pesky sea urchins, that dare to litter up his nest, by rapidly relocating them outside.  He gives those messy coral munching starfish their marching orders too.  Once he’s happy with his efforts, he can settle down for a spot of algae pruning – red is best, so he trims away the rest.

Next, we should really take out the trash.  Rats have the reputation for being found in some of the most sullied surroundings around, but, honestly, these rodents know a thing or two about good hygiene.  Rats will designate areas for trash that are well away from the main dwelling areas of their burrows, and they remove that rubbish regularly – so no more overflowing bins!

Once we’ve had a thorough clear-out, then we might want to get down to some serious cleaning – angelfish are committed to cleanliness – they fastidiously nibble off the unsightly algae, that’s spoiling the look of their coral condos, keeping everything looking pristine clean – the result is a lovely looking lair.

Think the bathroom needs a good going-over to achieve a spotless bathtub – the sea sponge likes being surrounded by water that’s fresh and clear too, so it sucks up all that nasty dirt and debris that’s floating around and then it can chill out, relax and enjoy a crystal clear soak.

Time to get out the vacuum cleaner to clear up after everyone – termites like to keep their mounds spic-n-span by constantly hoovering up any nasty deposits that are left lying around by their housemates – now don’t forget to wipe your feet when you come home!

It’s not just indoors that needs some maintenance either – giving the garden a good tidy-up is a must for the rattlesnake.  He diligently clears, twigs, leaves and other debris from his grounds to ensure he has a smooth path to travel around – after all, if he doesn’t want to give his dinner any place to hide!

How about an upgrade to the interior design for your newly cleaned pad?  The bower bird simply loves to dress up his lovingly created construction with adornments aplenty – anything will do, as long as it’s blue!  Flowers, shells, feathers, buttons, stones, even bottle tops, are a must, for that up-to-the-minute look.  He’ll devote himself to keeping everything just-so, hoping his des-res will capture the heart of a discerning mate.

Think we’re just about done – time to put your feet up!

Published by candy hunter writer

Self publishing author - Childrens books. First book - Chuckle with Chumleigh; recently launched - Chumleigh and the Festive Secret and Chuckle with Chumleigh Again - available on Amazon.

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